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Slot machines online and land based, what is the difference?

Being à well competent person in the game industry, having first-hand knowledge of an online and land based casino, and, of course, playing in both of them, I have once asked myself a question: What is the difference between online slot machines and land based slot machines? Some of the answers to the questions were obvious for me, some of them after a short discussion became clear, too. So, I decided to write this article for those who have recently started to play online games or have just opened the pages of our site, playing only land based video slots before that.

First of all, I would like to mention the fact that surely the most part of land based slot machines, i.e. ones presented in ground casinos and in various fleshpots, are presented in online game institutions and in an online casino, too. But not vise versa. If online new slot machines are constantly turned out (for holidays, some important events or just devoted to somebody), land based machines, as a rule, are fixed, statical, and even now we can see in one game institution the same automatic machines which were there 5-7 years ago. The only difference between them is that it is not easy in online game institutions to reprogram a winning share given to players.

The second and as I see a very essential part is, of course, a criminal part. It is not a secret that while someone is playing land based and is completely absorbed by the fallout process, others are attentively watching him, and very often they have bad intentions.

If some of these ” watchers” just watch who and how much money has sunk and how he has played a slot machine, with the intention in the case the person loses to come to this machine and to continue the game, expecting its money “overload” and the beginning of a winning return, others have more criminal plans. Having backtraced lucky beggars who have got the jackpot or simply large winnings, then they just attack them and take away the money won, and it is good if it ends simply by beating. As you can guess the players of land based slot machines quite often are “tipsy” and lose their vigilance, and it is very easy to notice a boozy player who has won much money. Besides, there are so-called simple pickpockets who keep watch on where you get money from and during some smoke break or a break simply steal your cash. As you understand it, all these “accompanying” factors, of course, are completely excluded in an online casino and game institutions. You play one, well, or with a friend, nobody watches you, does not know the sum of your bankrupt and more than that he does not see whether you have won or lost.

I think it is necessary to mark one more important factor – the factor of algorithms, card flashing, machine programming or whatever you name. I mean precisely the factors which influence a winning or loss of the player. It is not a secret for you and if you did not know that before we shall tell you, that land based slot machines have the so-called electronic cards which are inside of a slot machine and are programmed by experts in the demand (order) of a game institution owner. At programming it is stated in particular what percent of payments is supposed to be given to a player of a given slot machine, other things being equal. That is, if you keep playing this machine and put in it 5 000 $, it “gives you back” 2 000 as a winning then the algorithm repeats on a circle.

All software in an online casino is developed by the specialised companies which have gone through the independent audit and to which all world trusts. Some of them have gone through the certification on independence and so-called “honesty” more than once, developing the algorithm of an online casino. The online casino itself monthly goes through an internal independent audit by the results of which the certain conclusion is given, that this game institutions (online casino) last month has provided payments of a winning to players at a rate of 99.7 % (for example) from the sum of all brought rates. Usually this scanned document is given on the first pages of the online casino sites and is available for everyone to download.

So it is, even having made a little analysis beforehand, I think you will agree with me that there are obvious advantages of online game institutions over land based. On our site in the table of the online casinos recommended there are only the checked up institutions with an established reputation in which we repeatedly played and got our winnings. You can have a look at our online casino rating and read the online casino reviews before making the choice.

Play online and let good luck always accompany you!
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