Poker Rules

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Poker rules

Poker Rules

Poker rules are standard, i.e. combinations of cards. The person who has the bigger combination in a poker game wins. But we will start from the beginning.

Imagine that you enter one of the casinos or are connected to the online casino to play. First of all it is necessary for you to know the poker rules. On the game desktop (no matter what variety of the poker it is), you can see a circlet on which – Ante – is written and below it there is a card-size space, this is the place for your future stake – Bet-.

Every casino has minimum and maximum limits on the rate of stakes (Ante), it concerns also poker rules. Then you should stake until the dealer says – Stakes are made – and put a chip of the chosen value on the place – Ante-. People sitting next to you do the same things.

After the croupier says:
– Stakes are made – he starts the card distribution. The distribution is made right-to-left (from the player side), by one card. The croupier deal the cards to all the players, including himself, hands over cards, he puts his cards in a column before him, and the last card turns over, for its value to be seen. After it its players’ turn to say a word.

You take your cards and before you have a look at them, in most cases it is permitted to look at the cards of the player sitting from you on the right, if he does not mind. You look at your cards and make a decision. In different variations of poker rules, you can be given a possibility to change from one to five cards, for the ante stake, but it is more detailed in section – poker varieties.

After the card exchange if you consider that you have a good poker combination, you should stake, i.e. to put the cards a face down on – Bet – And so-called to be lined i.e. to put on cards the numbers of chips equal to Ante*2. I.e. if you have put 10$ your Bet will be=20$, and wait until the other players do the same. If you have a bad combination and you do not risk, you simply discard, and the croupier together with the cards takes away your stake – Ante – After the words of the croupier – the Exchange is finished – he opens the cards and discloses the combination available for it according to the rules of poker a combination then opening of players’ cards starts, again right-to-left .

If the player has a bigger combination he gets the payment, which coefficients we will show lower. If the player looses, the croupier takes away both the stake – Ante – and – Bet-. If the player and the croupier have the same card combination the winner is defined by a high card in the combination, for example, two fives is higher than two triples. The winner is paid from the calculation:

Ante – 1 to 1,
Royal Flush – 1 : 100
Straight Flush – 1 : 50
Four of Kind – 1 : 20
Full House – 1 : 7
Flush – 1 : 5
Straight – 1 : 4
Three of Kind – 1 : 3
Two Pair – 1 : 2
Pair – 1 : 1
Ace & King – 1 : 1

i.e. at your stake of Ante – 10$, you put – 20$. If you have won in Two Pair you will be paid: 10$ for Ante, and 40$ for Bet. I.e. your net gain will make 50$.

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