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Poker terminology

Poker terminology

On the given page terminology of poker which necessarily to you will meet at game in poker in online casino or in poker room is collected. We advise before the game beginning to familiarise with it that in the course of game at you arose as less as possible questions and you did not waste time on search of this or that term.

Ante – the Initial rate which is done by the player before the game beginning. Terms Two Ante, Three Ante, mean doubled or accordingly trebled initial rate.

BankRoll – the Full sum of money or simply bank, i.e. that quantity of money which operates the player during game. Before the beginning of each game you should know precisely BankRoll, for an estimation of the chances.

Bet – to count, in poker of a casino it means that you have made decision to play with the croupier, and so-called “are lined”, i.e. put on the cards from above in the field intended for it quantity of counters equal to Double Ante. In poker room this term means addition of counters in bank on a game course.

Bluff – Probably this term in poker is applicable to club poker since there you can really “bluff” more, i.e. raise rates having on hands obviously small combination, i.e. want that the opponent has simply dumped cards. At game in a casino the bluff has no advantage since the croupier in any case will open the cards for comparison of combinations.

Cache – In a literal translation Money. Or in application to a counter casino.

Chip – In a casino they usually unique also have different colour depending on advantage.

Cold Table – So-called “the cold table”, is a table for which players lose, the table can be cold for everything, or for you one. In any case it is not recommended to play behind such table if you have noticed that constantly there lose.

Dealer , Croupier – it is direct in a casino he/she is the employee who takes a place of the croupier behind a game table and engaged distribution and an exchange of cards. In club poker, it is the player which makes distribution.

Dead Table – a table for which long time is not present players, in most cases it can be and Cold Table

Flush – the Game combination at which the player has five cards of identical colour on hands, is not dependent on their advantage. One of strong combinations.

Flush Royal – the Strongest game combination at which the player has all cards of the identical colour going one after another since ten on hands. For example ten, a jack, the queen, the king, ace of hearts.

Full House – One of strong game combinations at whom the player has on hands Three of Kind and Pair, i.e. a three and pair of cards. For example: Three two and two jacks, or three seven and two three. The seniority of cards at an identical combination is defined by face value of a present three.

Four of Kind – One of the strongest game combinations at whom the player has four cards of identical face value on hands. For example four eights.

Gambling Stake – That as BankRoll – Total of money used by the player.

Grind, Low Roller – the Player doing minimum rates. I.e. which are is minimum resolved in a casino.

Grind Joint – the Casino calculated on Low Roller, i.e. preferring players make rates on a minimum. As a rule it is rather poor casinos from among so-called “hunting” for players.

No more bets – Rates are not present more. From lips of the croupier means that more it is impossible to do rates.

Pair – the Game combination at which the player has pair of cards of one advantage on hands. Two three, two ases etc.

Scam – Any way of a deceit of the player or a casino.

Staver – the Player doing the big rates, usually on a maximum resolved in a casino.

Straight – One of strong game combinations at whom the player has on hands five cards going successively in ascending order. An example: a three, the four, the five, the six, the seven, it is not dependent on their colour.

Street Flush – One of the strongest game Combinations at which the player has on hands five cards of the identical colour, going one after another. For example: Three, four, five, six, seven and all cards have colour hearts.

Two Pair, Twisted Pair – the Game combination at which the player has on hands of two pairs (Pair), i.e. two three and two five etc.

Three of Kind – the Game combination at which the player has three cards of one advantage on hands. For example three jacks, three six etc.

Seniority of combinations one over another, rules of consideration of identical combinations, the order of the decision of questions at issue is resulted in section – Poker Rules

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