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Roulette rules

Online Roulette rules

Kinds of rates, rules of payments, payment in the roulette.

Kinds of rates (Bet Types):

On one number / On number / Straight Bet – ON NUMBER
Rate on one number.
It is possible to stake on (zero) 0.
The chip is put in the field with a designation of chosen number
Payment 35:1

On two number / Sheval / Split Bet (Normal) – Split
The rate on two next numbers
It is possible to stake on a combination (zero) 0 with any of first row numbers: 1, 2 or 3.
The chip is put on the line dividing two numbers.
Payment 17:1

On three numbers / Straight / Cross-section number/ Straight Bet – Straight
The rate on three numbers of the same kind.
The counter, is put on line of dividing internal and external area of rates
Payment 11:1

On three numbers including zero and-or double zero / Split Bet (Including 0 and/or 00)
The rate on three numbers including (zero) 0 and-or (double zero) 00
It is possible to put on a combination zero and two numbers of the first row (1, 2 + zero or 2, 3 + double zero).
Payment 11:1

On four numbers / Square Bet
The rate on four numbers, located in a square.
The counter is located in things in common of four numbers.
Payment 8:1

On first four numbers / On a cross-section number plus zero / Line Bet (Including 0)
The rate on four numbers – a cross-section number plus zero (0,1,2,3)
The counter is put on a line a cross-section number dividing a number (1,2,3) and (zero) 0.
Payment 8:1

On six numbers / Line Bet (Normal)
The rate on six numbers – two cross-section numbers.
The counter is put on a corner between numbers
Payment 5:1

On a column / on a column / Column Bet – the COLUMN
The rate on 12 numbers.
Third chances – columns and dozens, payment of shares 2:1
The counter is put in a corresponding cell.
Payment 2:1

On a dozen / Dozens Bet – the DOZEN
The rate on 12 numbers: first dozen (numbers 1-12), second dozen (numbers 13-24) and third dozen (numbers 25-36).
The counter is put in a cell with a designation of the chosen dozen
Payment 2:1

Simple chances:
On red or black / Red Black – COLOUR
The rate on colour (18 numbers)
ayment 1:1

On even or odd / Even Odd / Impair Pair – Rate on even/odd (18 numbers). It is designated (Even-Pair) / (Odd-Impair)
Payment 1:1

On less or more / 1st 18 numbers – 2nd 18 numbers/Manque – Passe – it is MORE/LESS
The rate on less (1-18)/more (19-36) Is designated (less – 1st 18 numbers – Manque) / (more – 2nd 18 numbers – Passe)
Payment 1:1

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